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Important Investment Notes

These investments should be considered for the medium to long-term and should not be entered into if you envisage withdrawing your capital before this time.

For a full explanation of the charges and how they affect your plan, please refer to the fund fact sheets. The basic plan charges remain the same, it is just where we are changing the funds.

The value of the investment is determined by the value of the units, the price of which can fall as well as rise. The overall value of the investment is therefore not guaranteed and you might get back less than you originally invested, especially in the early years.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

The recommendations are based on current taxation, law and practice and the current legal and administrational framework and are based on my current interpretation and understanding of those, all of which may be subject to change.

Where an income is being drawn immediately, you should be aware that this could have the effect of eroding the initial value of the capital invested.

Investing solely in a particular sector or having an investment plan with a narrow focus may be more risky than investing across a broad range.

Where a property fund has been recommended the value of the fund is based on the valuer’s opinion rather than fact. You should be aware property and land can be difficult to sell – so you may not be able to cash-in this investment when you want to. In extreme market conditions the fund manager may have to delay acting on your instructions to sell your investment.

An investment in corporate bonds is generally less secure than an investment in Government bonds due to the greater possibility of default. Where a fund invests in overseas markets, changes in currency exchange rates mean that the value of the investment can go up or down.

Providers and fund managers reserve the right to amend their charges at any time and there can be additional costs relating to legal, administration and dealing factors which in turn can create additional ongoing charges and/or bid/offer spreads.