The Retiree Transformation Process™ – Retirement

The Retiree Transformation Process™

Investing is like a game of Golf!

On the ‘fairways’‚ there is margin for error and recovery, but on the ‘greens’ your shots need to be steady and safe. Whilst driving your investments forward in the early years was important, as you approach your retirement years, the strategies and methods for wealth preservation and sustainable income need reassessing.

On the ‘Greens of Retirement’‚ there is little room for error, and even less time to recover, and therefore the investment strategies used in earlier years need to be realigned, to provide you with increased security, stability and peace of mind.

This then leads many Retirees to consider why they should continue with a higher risk investment strategy in retirement, relying solely on stock market returns, when their objectives would be better achieved using safer and lower risk strategies.

Becoming a ‘Peace of Mind’ Investor

The answer is to rely less on the stock market ‘roller coaster’ and to rely more on lower risk assets, which most importantly, have little or no direct correlation to the rise and fall of equity markets.

This is called a Self Balancing Portfolio™ and as well as reducing risk through greater diversification, it has a majority of holdings in lower risk assets which helps to protect the fund, even during times of increased risk or a stock market downturn.

The Self Balancing Portfolio™ is specifically designed for Retirees wishing to reach their objectives in a much more consistent and stable way, providing greater comfort and peace of mind in the process.

The Retirement Transformation Process™

Working in partnership, we help Retirees to clarify their objectives – to plan ahead, preserve wealth, and establish a tax efficient and sustainable income. This uses an in depth approach called Money Mapping®, which uses five main stages.

  1. Eliminate the ‘dead wood’, and clear up the messes.
  2. Increase the focus on the most important money making and tax saving areas.
  3. Simplify the strategy and approach to keep life simple.
  4. Communication, coherence, and creativity.
  5. Provide an ongoing relationship, management, and track to run on.


If you are curious about how this works and how you might be able to apply it, this process has been designed for you. The ‘Introduction’ evenings are informal, usually small groups of 5 to 10, allowing you to relax, network, and learn a bit more.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice. The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than your original investment.