The Entrepreneurial Transformation Process™

The Entrepreneurial Transformation Process™

Where Planning and Partnership Meet

Complexity and lack of personal time keep many business people from adequately planning their personal wealth. Whilst many will have accumulated various financial products, this is not the same as formulating a bespoke strategy for tax reduction, wealth preservation and financial independence. The Entrepreneurial Transformation Process™ helps successful entrepreneurs refocus on their financial vision.

This leads many entrepreneurs to complain of a ‘financial disconnection’ – i.e. whilst they may be using various professionals, there is little or no ongoing relationship, and no communication or coherent strategy between them.

The answer is an integrated strategic approach that organises and acts as your main point of reference, so that everything is pulling in your direction.

Austyn Smith - your financial partner

The Entrepreneurial Transformation Process™

Working in partnership, we help successful business people and entrepreneurs refocus on their financial vision – to plan ahead, reduce investment risk, and save tax. This uses an in depth approach called Money Mapping®, which uses five main stages.

  1. Eliminate the ‘dead wood’, and clear up the messes.
  2. Increase the focus on the most important money making and tax saving areas.
  3. Simplify the strategy and approach to keep life simple.
  4. Communication, coherence, and creativity.
  5. Provide an ongoing relationship, management, and track to run on.


If you are curious about how this works and how you might be able to apply it, this process has been designed for you. The ‘Introduction’ evenings are informal, usually small groups of 5 to 10, allowing you to relax, network, and learn a bit more.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice. The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than your original investment.