Safe Harbour Planning ® – Help you manage risk

Safe Harbour Planning®

A rising tide lifts all boats but a falling tide exposes many.

Moving from Risk to Safety!

Most people would say that they are not ‘high risk’, or not currently taking on much risk. When asked to define what might be a tolerable short term loss, many say around -10%. However when we ‘stress test’ their existing portfolio to manage risk, many are surprised to see fluctuations of as much as -20% or -30%.

The question is, “Now that you know the risks you are taking, do you still want your money managed this way?”

The Safe Harbour strategy

The Safe Harbour ® strategy is all about taking action to mitigate risk, an approach strengthened by Austyn’s personal experience of working through the stock market crashes of 1987, 1998, and the early 2000s. Our investment style involves a move away from the conventional ‘managed fund’ approach and instead we select funds on the basis of how they perform during an economic downturn rather than an upturn.

We concentrate on reviewing asset allocation on a regular basis, looking for funds that continue to outperform their peer group and have a good prospect of doing so in these challenging times. This distinctive approach has been essential in helping our clients to protect their financial futures.

Benefits of Safe Harbour Planning ®

  • Takes direct action to mitigate risk
  • Offers a less volatile investment experience
  • Provides increased peace of mind
  • Leaves you well placed to drip-feed back into the markets when the time is right
  • Uses a multi asset approach allowing ‘free portfolio switches’ for greater proactivity
  • Enabling you to stay on track and remain confident about your future


The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than your original investment.