Firstly the word ‘retirement’ is no longer fit for purpose. Most people I know who are 60, look 10 to 15 years younger, cycle at weekends, play tennis, and are rediscovering their youth, usually in a sports car in the south of France.

However, these are the people that have thrown out the old definition of retirement, and in its place have put, Redefine, Refocus, and Rejuvenate.

This has allowed them to continue to have Significance, Purpose and Contribution.

Without these attributes, then in my opinion ‘Retiring is 10 x harder than working’, because when you stop work, or if you have sold your company, its easy to fall into a poor mindset where,

1. You can lose your purpose

2. You worry more about money, even if you have ‘enough’

3. You can worry a little about cash flow

4. You might be more irritated by the convulsions of the stock market

5. You lose part of your peer group, which can affect significance

6. The psychology of no longer having an income can hit home

7. You can start to worry about reducing the pot you’ve accumulated

8. It can begin to niggle that you have to start eating into this

9. Concern can surface if something happens that affects your plans

10. Uncertainty and change become your enemies

To avoid the above its vital to work on your pre-retirement checklist, to Redefine, Refocus, and Rejuvenate!