Pension Hunter ® – Your Retirement

Pension Hunter

This is a search and evaluation service for those on their pre retirement journey.

We have split this up into four sections because some clients have already begun their retirement  journey and just need the final part, whereas others have only just begun.

This way, you get to pick where you would like to begin, and so the more information you can provide early on, the higher up the mountain we can start.

Track 1 – The Foothills

  1. Track down your pension plans
  2. Get a statement from each provider
  3. Convert this into something understandable!

Track 2 – Reaching Basecamp

  1. Where am I invested?
  2. What are the charges?
  3. What level of risk am I taking?

Track 3 – The Ascent

  1. Does this take me where I want to go?
  2. What are my options?
  3. What things do I need to consider?

Track 4 – The Descent

  1. How do I convert what I have into income?
  2. How do I know if it’s sustainable?
  3. What happens if something happens to me?

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