Our Commitment

Our Commitment

True partnership is based upon mutual trust, like and respect.

Certain areas of Financial Planning require tough decisions, decisions that you may not want to take. Our commitment is to guide you through situations that may arise where we disagree, but this should not be seen as a negative, but seen as part of a healthy relationship.

We therefore like to define our working relationships as ‘partnerships’ where there is mutual trust, like and respect for the others point of view.

We have therefore set some rules which we feel is what our relationship should be built on. If you have any concerns at all with this, we are happy to discuss with you what you feel would be fair. 

  • We must agree with you in advance, the cost of any fee based work before it is undertaken.
  • We must do our very best work for you.
  • We must listen to you when you talk.
  • We must apologise and make amends if we don’t do what we said we would, and you can be the judge of this.
  • We will do our absolute level best to keep to time because we know everyone hates to be kept waiting.
  • You must tell us if there is something that upsets you, in order that we have a chance to put it right, apologise, and give you the appropriate time needed.
  • If we have agreed to work on a fee basis then you should pay your bills on time.
  • We use a ‘Courtesy System’ in our dealings with you, and we would ask that you also treat our staff politely and courteously.
  • We regard your financial planning as a top priority, and we would ask that you do the same.
  • Where we have issued you with a financial planning report and paperwork to sign, please reply with your feedback at the earliest opportunity.
  • Our diaries are planned weeks in advance, so please give us as much notice as possible of any work that you would like us to undertake or appointments that you need. It is rarely possible to undertake work at a moment’s notice.