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Three Ducks in a Row

Let’s get your ‘Ducks in a Row’

The Money Mapping ® process is designed to provide clarity, strategy, and vision, to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

It uses a series of Clarity Conversations ® over a three month period, which helps provide the following deliverables,  

  1. Creation of your Money Mapping Strategic Overview, assets and liabilities, highlights any gaps in planning, tax efficiencies that need improving.  

  1. Creation of your Policy Profile, information on assets such as pensions and investments, what they do, investment risk, accessibility and how they work together as part of your planning.

  1. Creation of your Family Plan, how do you want to spend your time, how will you retire, what will you want to do, and discussions on ‘how do you measure success in your life right now’ , has it changed or been effected by Covid, and does this answer effect how you allocate resources today. 

  1. Creation of your Legacy Plan, your Will, does it need reviewing, in relation to passing on wealth and when best to do this. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, and you can be the judge, then we will refund 100% of your fee.

The fee is spread over the three month retainer period as follows, £250 set up x 1, and £150 pm x 3, giving a fixed outlay of £700 over three months.

You are free to take away what you have learnt and action things yourself, or if you would like to become a client, then this fee will be offset against any set up or advice fee.

Next Steps

Please download and complete the following, 

1.    Money Mapping ® (Word Document)

2.    Money Mapping ® Retainer ( we will add this later )

3.    Money Mapping ® Payment ( we will add this later )

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