Money Compass ® – Your Quarterly Investment Check-In

Money Compass

What’s most important to you?

If we meet up or communicate on a regular basis then we have a better relationship, you have a better chance of staying on track, and if we get knocked off track, we can spot it sooner. So the way we do things is based upon regular check ups, and quarterly reviews of investment strategy.

We believe in an adaptable approach, and so we are able to fine tune our investment approach as we progress, and as your circumstances change.

So when you have someone to talk to, talk things through with, someone who can simplify what’s going on and help you see through things, that could be very useful.

That’s why one of the most valuable things a wealth manager can provide, is where clients have time to think and talk things through, no rush, just calm, well thought decisions.

So when it comes to working out what’s most important to you, and the direction you’re headed for, it’s great to have someone to bounce ideas around with, a ‘sounding board’, a second opinion.

That’s because choosing the direction of travel is probably the most important thing. If you set off on the wrong heading, you’ll end up in the wrong place.

Your Money Compass ® might be taking you in the right direction, but how do you know, and how do you know your risk management and strategy can get you there?

You only get a sense of progress and purpose, if every quarter you can step back and talk things through.

And that’s what Money Compass ® does for you.