Money Blend ® – Your Asset Allocation

Asset allocation

How you blend your money gives you 90% of the investment returns you receive!

Scholastic studies over the last 25 years have looked at every important factor, including low cost investing, and have found that ‘asset allocation’ is the number one most important factor that defines success.

Your Money Blend ® is your asset allocation strategy. It is designed just for you, to get you where you want to go.

By taking the time to get this right, it is possible to use more low cost ‘passive’ funds as a core to your strategy which helps to reduce costs. Then only where appropriate, using slightly higher cost ‘active’ funds, we can choose a small range of satellites, to help manage risk and diversification.

Our Money Blend ® philosophy is based upon the ground breaking work of David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer, Yale University, where allocation is key, the work of Harry Markowitz Nobel Prize winner for Economics and Modern Portfolio Theory, and the asset allocation studies of Ibbotson.

No one knows where markets are going to go, which is why you diversify to reduce risk.

The secret however, is to do it in such a way, that the asset allocation also drives the performance.