Meet the Team – Why should people talk to you?


Stewardship, Friendship and Wisdom

“When dealing with a big company it’s like being a tadpole in an ocean, but with Julie and the team, you provide that ‘personal touch’, and are very thoughtful and efficient.”

Cliff and Lindsey Beard


“Your big difference is the personal interaction you provide, and there’s always time to discuss things.”

Ron and Margaret Lindsay


“You and your team make money easy, and take away the worry.”

Claire Sturgess


Your Financial Concierge

We are a relationship centred business and spend a great deal of time with clients, and at our many social events.

We operate a Financial Concierge service, where your first point of contact will be with Julie Nurse, our Client Care Manager.

Julie is highly experienced and has worked with Austyn and the team for over 15 years.

She knows ‘what’s what’ and will direct you to the most relevant member of the team.

Julie Nurse – Client Care Manager

From leaving school Julie’s entire career has been in finance, during which time she worked for The Halifax, Abbey National and The Woolwich.

Julie has worked with Austyn for 15 years, and has come to know clients very well. The company’s emphasis on long term client relationships is exactly what she enjoys most.

Julie lives with her husband, youngest of three daughters and 4 dogs, (an occupational hazard of having a vet nurse in the family!)

Being a Granny is her favourite of all pastimes…

Julie | Austyn Smith

We help our clients as we would members of our own family

This means that our financial planning is bespoke to you, and delivered in such a way,
as we would want to be treated ourselves.

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