Himalaya Moment ® – Helping you think about, ‘what’s most important’


Elevate your thinking

At some point you will ask yourself, how much is enough? and what do I really, really want, my money to give me?

This is what we call a breakthrough in thinking or understanding, that something has to change. Doing things the same way and expecting a different result just increases stress and uncertainty, and so we have to look at things from ‘higher up’ the mountain.

It’s especially important to those who have reached ‘critical mass’ , where a life time’s savings have been accumulated, you’ve reached the top of the mountain, and you are now looking at how to convert this to income.

Climbing up the mountain is hard enough, but what most forget is that unless you get down the mountain safely, you haven’t made it to financial freedom.

Getting down the mountain requires a different strategy. You may have taken a bit of risk getting to the top, but climbing down you need to make sure you get home safely!

A change in thinking and strategy is important, if you are to safeguard a lifetime’s work.