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Investing is like a Game of Golf !

On the ‘fairways’, there is margin for error and recovery, but on the ‘greens’ your shots need to be steady and safe. Whilst driving your investments forward in the early years is important, as you approach your retirement years, the methods for creating wealth preservation and sustainable income need to be reviewed. On the ‘Greens

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Pop! Bank of England warns over 'significant risk'

The Bank of England has warned in the Financial Times 26/03/15, that current issues in Greece and China, “pose a significant risk to the UK’s financial system”. So what could go Pop ? The Bank of England is worried about Liquidity Risk. This is about how easy it is to buy or sell certain assets

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You can choose a good adviser, you can reduce investment charges, you can spread your investments, you can have the best strategy, but there is one important factor that will determine if your money will last. It’s a secret that few professionals know, and even if they do know, they don’t like to talk about

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Retirement Mindset

I recently had the privilege of meeting Professor Frank Dick OBE, to gain insights from one of the best sports coaches in the world, and how this could help me create more value in what I do. I was struck by the similarities between great sports psychology and great retirement psychology. My interpretation was that

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Retirement is 10 x harder than working!

Firstly the word ‘retirement’ is no longer fit for purpose. Most people I know who are 60, look 10 to 15 years younger, cycle at weekends, play tennis, and are rediscovering their youth, usually in a sports car in the south of France. However, these are the people that have thrown out the old definition

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