Becoming a Client

Become a client of Austyn Smith

Becoming A Client

Before taking on a new client, we like to explain who we are and the way we operate especially our approach to investment and how we manage portfolios.

It is equally important for us to know as much as possible about you and your circumstances, as this forms the foundations of a successful relationship.

We therefore like to have an initial informal chat, where we can both find out if we are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ so to speak.

Please feel free to ‘book a call’ to arrange a meeting or just to have a preliminary discussion.

What happens next ?

For every client there is some paperwork to complete, but we provide clear guidance on what needs to be submitted. The next and final step is the transfer of assets to be invested. This can be in cash (either cheque or electronic transfer) or from an existing investment portfolio with another manager. Both routes are straightforward and we can advise on the details at the appropriate time.